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AirFinder is a simple and effective proximity technology software and hardware for location knowledge. From indoors to outdoors and everywhere your business goes, AirFinder goes with you. This is asset intelligence to power the Internet of Things.

Role: Freelance Product Designer

I was brought on to the AirFinder team as a freelancer to help solve their current UI & UX problems. I was responsible for creating user flows for new and existing users, designing an updated brand and user interface, delivering InVision prototypes for demo purposes, and collecting feedback for fast iterations for both wireframes and polished mockups. I simplified user flows on both the user and admin side of the application, I implemented a main map view to help users see exactly where their assets were inside their facility, which previously was shown by a detailed list with coordinates.

The Challenge

Their current web application only had one experience for all their user personas. The application experience had many inconsistencies, along with incorrect UX patterns that made a confusing, and incomplete, user experience. It followed the panel navigation view similar to the Mac OS Finder windows which left an improper navigation pattern that made it difficult for users to navigate to their respective areas. The app did not accommodate each user person in their own views/areas, but bunched every experience into the finder window UX.

The Kickoff

The first step on this project was for me set up a kick off with the stakeholders, engineers, and product managers currently on the AirFinder team. This kickoff was to align the team, & I, on the same page of what the problem space we are solving for is, the value prop, metrics we would like to track, what the competition products were, and what made AirFinder different than the rest. This allowed the team to openly discuss any concerns, directions, & any questions we had before moving forward. This exercise also helped confirm market fit.


After doing some competitive research, and dashboard explorations. I created a mood board so AirFinder stakeholders were able to weigh in with their expectations, visions, and creative desires.


I documented the current users flows to highlight where user pain points were, and to create a collaborative alignment between stakeholders, engineers, and I. This allowed the team to draw new pathways, and for me to simplify wherever we could for the users.


I created some initial wireframes to showcase layout, information architecture, content, and user interactions. I also created wireframes to highlight each of the respective areas for each user persona.

Wireframes Prototype

After a few iterations on wireframes, and product requirements, I created a prototype based on updated wireframes that I collaborated with the stakeholders, and engineers. This allowed us to see user flows within the platform, and a more realistic user experience.

HiFi Mocks & Prototypes

After aligning on the wireframe prototypes, I explored UI variations, and moved forward with a consistent theme based on user feedback, and direction. I also created prototypes for both user personas and platform areas to conduct user studies, and for stakeholders to pitch to investors, and their board.