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Nimbus Tutoring

Nimbus is a mobile application that builds and manages tutoring programs for universities and colleges. The app connects students with tutors to provide them with the help they need.

Role: Lead Sr. Product Designer • Mobile

I worked directly with the stakeholders, engineering team, and product marketing to redefine their product. I integrated myself into their day to day and introduced them to an agile process that allowed us to work in a more collaborative, and iterative environment. I facilitated sprints, workshops, and investor meetings.

I fully redesigned their product, tech stack, team, and workflow for both their company, and users. The final delivery of this project led the Nimbus team to 2 rounds of funding, and the capability to expand from one university to seven within a year.

The Challenge

One of the biggest pain points was for Tutors registering and applying to become a Tutor on the Nimbus app. This process consisted of multiple 2 hour interviews where the Tutor would have to provide their transcripts, resources, study demo, and other information before being considered. This process took up a lot of time for both the Tutor and the Nimbus team because it required team members to stop their day too day to interview these candidates.

The mobile app had many pain points, and design problems. It was not accessible, and did not follow the standards for iOS or android patterns.

Tutor Onboarding & Interview

I introduced the Tutor to a digital experience to register and apply to be a tutor for Nimbus. This approach reduced the original process/workflow by hours, and created a streamlined process that took minutes to complete before the interview. This also allowed fewer members of the Nimbus team to participate which allowed them to focus their time elsewhere.

Wireframe & Prototype

After creating the wireframes, I put them into a working prototype for the stakeholders, engineers, and I to walk through user flows, functionality, and path ways. During the wire framing process we were able to flush out the onboarding experience, user drop offs, and other feature requirements that were needed for launch. 

HiFi Mocks & Prototype

After designing and getting sign off on the hifi mocks, and design direction, I created a full app prototype for the stakeholders to take to investor meetings. This prototype lead Nimbus into 2 rounds of funding.